DIY Felt Dalmatian Ears (free template!)

diy felt dalmatian ears

Sooooo…. I might now prefer puppy dog ears over the typical Halloween cat ears! And these DIY felt dalmatian ears make it a breeze!

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I mean how much cuter can it get!? The cheeks, the curly hair and the floppy ears. It’s perfect and she loves them too!

Best part: these DIY felt dalmatian ears probably cost less than a dollar to make, and they only take a couple minutes to create! I made it even easier for you and loaded a free template at the bottom of this post so that you don’t have to experiment with the shape!

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DIY Felt Dalmatian Ears:

Materials needed:

white felt (they actually sell already black spotted white felt, which would cut out multiple steps, but I used what I already had)
pink felt
black marker
glue gun



1. Cut the ear shapes out of white and pink felt.

The large ear template is for the white felt and the smaller ear template is for the inside pink felt.

2. Draw miscellaneous black spots.

Outline the spots with a black pen to make the edges a little more defined.


3. Glue the pink felt to the white felt.

Glue the pink felt to the inside of the white felt about a quarter inch away from the straight edge. This leaves just enough room to glue the white felt to the headband. (The black spots should be on the outside.)


4. Glue the quarter inch slot to the inside of the headband.

(You can see on the left ear below how I allowed room for the slot, where on the right I did not so you can see the pink layer.)


5. Glue the edge of the ear down the headband for a floppy eared look.

Otherwise the ears keeps flipping up.

diy felt dalmatian ears

diy felt dalmatian ears

diy felt dalmatian ears

And it’s as easy as that!

After a few questions, I made things easier for you and created a template! Make sure to download yours here!


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