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    My diary while potty training a toddler

    potty training a toddler

    Oh my gosh. Exhausted. It’s 3 pm in the afternoon and I am just now able to sit down and write. I want to write this day by day like a diary as I learn from this experience so it’s as real as possible for you when you finally get to read this post. So far, (writing this on Day 1- Tuesday) we’ve spent 90% of our day in the bathroom on the toilet, 7% of our day in the kitchen so Anabelle can scarf down her chocolate before she decides to pee again, and 3% of our day cleaning the floor from her accidents. I didn’t think too much into it, but on a whim, we decided to start potty training.

    DAY 1

    Anabelle ran up to me this morning asking me to change her diaper. When I started taking too long, she yelled that she was leaking. She wasn’t, but I moved a little faster. When I sat down to change her diaper, she asked if she could wear her panties. I said no and she threw a fit… So I asked her if she would go potty in the toilet and she said yes. I drilled her with a few more questions, and to my surprise, she answered yes to every one. I couldn’t believe it. She’s tried on panties, she’s sat on the toilet, but to her, it’s just been a laughing matter. We heard that if you push potty training, it’s miserable, takes forever, and the 3 day method doesn’t work, so we just ask her often but since she has shown absolutely zero interest, we quickly forget about it every time.

    This time was different though. She wanted to go for it. I planned on spending the day at home anyway, and the rest of the week was pretty laid back and flexible. We don’t have any travel plans soon either (FINALLY…), so I called Kevin and decided what the heck. Let’s do this.

    Her first time peeing her pants:

    She picked out her panties, “matched mommy” and even sat on the toilet. It was all fun and games until I gave her that bottle of coconut water. Of course she guzzled it down and before she knew it, she had to pee. She asked for her diaper, but I said no. She let it out as usual, only this time instead of in a diaper, it went all over our wood floor. She started crying, I gave her paper towels to wipe it up, took her hand and made her clean it herself (and I use the term “clean very loosely”), took her to the bathroom to try and pee a little more, but nothing. We got new panties for round two.

    Her second time peeing her pants:

    Of course, no more than 15 minutes later she had to go again. She begged me for her diaper (smart girl!), but again I said no. She actually peed in the exact same spot and we went through the exact same routine. She peed so much that I had her clean again before sitting her down on the toilet. While she was on the toilet, I went back and cleaned for real, but didn’t let her know what I was doing. Then I sat on the bathroom floor and cheered her on/comforted her. She was actually absolutely terrified of the peeing in the toilet and was screaming bloody murder when I told her she couldn’t get up till she peed… I told her if she peed she could have a piece of candy and then I made her sit there until she did. I knew she drank enough water, and I even turned on the sink to make her feel like she had to pee more. (I’m so evil!) She was screaming, kicking her feet out, and peeing when she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

    When I saw that first sight of pee, I cheered so loud, you would have thought I was in a concert! We kept this up until she finally let go and gave a good pee. I cheered, I clapped, and she finally stopped crying, relaxed and laughed at me. I imagine I looked absolutely ridiculous. She picked out a piece of candy and got new panties for round 3.

    Her third time:

    Her third time she actually caught it before she peed on the floor! “Uh oh mommy! Uh oh!” I played my same evil tricks and she screamed bloody murder until she finally let go and laughed at me. She got a piece of candy and panties #4. I already wanted to quit. How many times was I going to have to do this? Was this going to be my next three days? Or worse, longer? I texted Kevin that she might like some encouragement from him, but really I needed some relief and encouragement as well.

    Her fourth time:

    Of course Kevin came home for an early lunch when everything was totally calm! I wanted help during the chaos, but silly me… It was 11:30. The longest morning ever. I gave her more water to guzzle, Kevin left to buy a kiddie toilet seat, and by the time he was back and attached the toilet seat, it was time for that bloody murder crying again. This time she just peed a tiny bit on the bathroom floor. I let Kevin handle this one… Finally, I got one break and he could see what potty training really meant outside of that smiley, panty-wearing toddler who greeted him at the door!

    It clicked!

    After Daddy left, something clicked. She peed in the toilet and then would cheer with fists over her head just like I was doing that morning. “Mommy, cheer with me!” She connected the dots that if she peed she got candy. So she’d scarf down her candy, and then go running back to the bathroom to pee again. She started farting in the toilet and so we both would crack up like it was the funniest thing in the world. No joke, we literally spent 90% of our day in the bathroom! I probably called my mom 5 times and had to go mid conversation because Anabelle wanted to go potty and have me cheer her on. I wish I had put on a pedometer, because I was going up and down those stairs all day long! Bathroom to kitchen to bathroom to kitchen!

    Potty training a toddler

    Her first poo

    She was on a roll with the farting and even accidentally (I assume) pooed a little. She had just gotten off the toilet and I told her that if she pooped in the toilet, we could have ice cream for dinner. Welp. Did NOT have to tell her twice. She got right back on the toilet, and I was a cheering, laughing mess as she pooed. We called Daddy right then and there to tell him to get ice cream on his way home tonight!

    Nap time

    I had planned to put her back in a diaper for nap time, but she was on such a roll, I didn’t want to mess with it. About 15 minutes into nap time, I heard her cry or kind of whimper and so I sprinted up there, and sure enough she had to pee, but no pee in the bed. After about an hour, same thing, only turns out she just had to fart… She went back to sleep and woke up dry!

    Bed time

    We were on a roll, but I did NOT want to mess with bedtime, so after she had her ice cream for dinner, and it was time for bedtime, we put a diaper back on and told her to let us know if she needed to pee. She did. Twice. But probably didn’t sit on the potty long enough to actually go, and came downstairs a little wet in the morning.

    Potty training a toddler

    DAY 2

    I got to start day 2 putting Anabelle on the potty, but then got a little break for a couple hours while my sister babysat and I taught my Pilates classes. Anabelle had a little accident, but pretty much picked up where we left off on day 1! Chocolate. Pee. Chocolate. Pee. Chocolate. Pee. At lunch time she pushed it a little… She made it all the way upstairs to the toilet, but couldn’t get her panties off and had a pretty big accident. But other than that, she was golden. Nap time was with panties again. Her nap was cut short due to having to pee, but she was still dry! I had her lay back down for a little while to rest. We got her to poo after dinner and right before bed time, so yes, she had ice cream right before bed. I am not against that bribery! Diaper again for bed time. And guess what…..

    DAY 3

    SHE WOKE UP DRY! I mean I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but could we possibly have her totally potty trained in just 2 days?! She was cuddling in bed with me doing a goofy pelvis dance. I checked her diaper and she was still dry! She looked at me and said she had to pee. We are still making constant trips to the bathroom (why didn’t I put on a pedometer again?!) but we are at least enjoying our morning with longer periods of time in between bathroom trips. Enough to do chores or play around… And because she wanted chocolate, but she was emptying her bladder more than the first day, we made a lot of empty trips to the bathroom. And no, she does not get chocolate just for sitting on the toilet. She had to pee for every piece.

    Of course I got ahead of myself when I wrote that… She peed her bed after nap time, but I kind of think it was because she threw a temper tantrum and got in trouble before nap time. It was quite the hassle to have her carry all her sheets down two flight of stairs to the washer in the basement, so hopefully she doesn’t do that again… But she was golden for the rest of the day. Even pooped just before brushing her teeth! So yes, she got to go back downstairs for ice cream before bed time!

    Potty training a toddler

    Potty Training Success!

    And now it’s Sunday night, I’m just proof reading this post before scheduling it for the morning. I couldn’t be more proud of Anabelle! Those first 4 or 5 hours were rough, but once she got passed that fear of peeing in the toilet, she was 100% ready for potty training! She wears panties from the moment she gets up in the morning till right before we tuck her in. Sometimes she wakes up dry, sometimes it seems like she just dribbled a little, and once she took a massive poo because even though she poops in the toilet, I know it’s not everything… And as far as nap time, she only peed her bed that one nap time! Her first outing was Mass on Sunday and she was great! Minus trying to get out of church several times by claiming she had to pee and use the princess stool they had to wash her hands…

    All in all, I tried not to think about potty training too much. I just didn’t want to start too soon before she was ready. If I would have thought into it, I would have been terrified to start. But it went great. We plan on having her wear a diaper at night for now and hopefully she will just start waking up dry and we can quit buying her diapers all together. That’s what I’m hoping anyway… It was exhausting, but so happy to have our first child done!

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