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    Patriotic red, white and blue popsicles

    3 ingredient, healthy, fruity, patriotic popsicles! The perfect healthy, red, white, and blue popsicles!

    It’s summertime and that means popsicle season for me!!!! I couldn’t help but come up with a festive combination for Anabelle’s breakfast: red, white and blue popsicles! Only 3 ingredients, 3 steps, no added sugar, and vuola, breakfast of champions! Or the perfect, healthy dessert for your Fourth of July! Continue reading

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    How to raise your kids to love photos

    How to raise your kids to love photos! Tricks for both your baby and toddler!

    Taking photos of kids is sometimes tricky business. I mean, in all reality, you are at their command, not the other way around. They are easily distracted, don’t always look at the camera, once they understand they should look at the camera they then refuse just to be obstinate, they require bribes, they think opening their mouth as wide as possible is just as cute as a smile, and they are ALWAYS moving. Yet, when you learn to work around their tricks and you get just the right shot, it’s priceless! Continue reading

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    DIY American flag backdrop

    DIY scrap fabric American flag backdrop for the Fourth of July

    Fourth of July is around the corner and this flag is the perfect decor or photo backdrop for your holiday party! I’m not into seewing, so I didn’t have the scrap fabric around, but it still was a suuuuper easy and super quick project! Like it took me only 20 minutes to cut and tie all the red and white stripes. And I just love the way it turned out!

    Continue reading