Vintage clothing for children {How to plan ahead, and store for future seasons}

Posted on: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vintage clothing storage tips

About two months ago one of my Mom’s childhood friends was getting rid of a storage space full of vintage clothing! We met up and really I thought that maybe I’d find a couple cool kids outfits, but most likely nothing for me… I mean what are the odds they’d be in my size?! Well, I came out with a ton! It took me two hours to go through everything and I was not taking my time! I was making quick snap decisions over bags and boxes of vintage goodies! AND her Mom happened to be my size, so I even found amazing vintage dresses that fit me perfectly!

Personally, I like to shop at the end of a season for the next year so that I can grab all my favorite styles majorly discounted. When I first had Anabelle, I wasn’t sure if her sizes would be predictable so I avoided doing this for her, but by now I know better. This fall I have not only been preparing for the cooler weather, but I also stocked up on adorable items for next Spring. Then I stumbled on these vintage goodies. In order to keep things easy each season, I developed my own little system of planning ahead!


Every time a season comes to an end, I buy a clear plastic bin, load it with all the clothes, shoes, accessories, and sometimes leftover diapers out of Anabelle’s dresser and closet that no longer fit, label the box with a permanent marker, and then store in our basement. Each size or season gets a new box. So far we have three, I’m about to pull out our fourth. The plastic is perfect in case of any water leaks.

Vintage clothing storage tips

When I all of the sudden was generously given a huge load of clothes for the future, I knew immediately I wanted the same system, it’d just be a little rough. As I folded the cleaned clothes, I started dividing them into their estimated sizes. After a many loads of laundry, I came out with four stacks: Small, Medium, Large, and Teen. They are kind of broad categories covering several years worth of sizes, but it was too unpredictable to narrow it down any more. I put them in four separate boxes. Every time a new season begins, I plan on going through the appropriate box and pulling out everything that fits. And then when I close the season out, I will have a new fresh box and will keep the vintage clothes mixed in with their appropriate sizes of modern day clothes.

Vintage clothing storage tips

I also bought these pieces of cedar wood and throw one in each box of clothing just to avoid possible problems…

And now for some of my favorite treasures! This is hardly even a fraction of the clothing, but these are a few of my favorites! My Mom’s friend didn’t just have a couple years worth of vintage, she had decades worth! From the 40’s through the 80’s to be specific. And the majority of it was still in shockingly good shape! (I also wore a couple pieces here and here)

Vintage clothing storage tips

Chili everywhere!

Posted on: Tuesday, September 30, 2014


You just have to have the standard baby “spaghetti” picture right?! Well, this was chili, but it quickly made it’s way through several of our text groups! I mean we had chili ON the nose, chili UP the nose, chili everywhere except the bowl! She loved it! Actually, if it wasn’t saucy, there wouldn’t have been anything left to clean up because it all ended up in her mouth!



By the way, substitute a jar of pumpkin sauce instead of tomato sauce in your chili for an AWESOME fall flavor! It was an accident. I was short one can of tomatoes and all I could manage was a jar of pumpkin sauce from my Mom’s cabinet. VERY happy accident!

Pumpkin Apple Quesadilla

Posted on: Friday, September 26, 2014


This quesadilla has been my addiction lately! Tastes like candy! I got this pumpkin butter last weekend and it’s better than I could have imagined! And then the sweet fresh gala apples were just a no brainer! This is like the epitomy of Fall! Absolute perfection! You HAVE to try it!



corn tortilla
cheddar cheese
cream cheese
thin slices of apple
pumpkin butter



Spread cream cheese on one of the tortillas. Evenly distribute the thin slices of apple. Spread a layer of shredded cheddar over the apples. Place second tortilla on top and cook over low heat. Once cheese has started to melt, flip the tortilla. Melt the cheese fully and then remove from heat. Let sit a couple minutes, slice, top with pumpkin butter and enjoy!!!

The rest of our weekend in photos

Posted on: Thursday, September 25, 2014


Last weekend was really a fun welcome to Fall! Gaga, Kevin’s mom, was in town, so when we woke up Sunday and the weather was gorgeous, we decided to go on a mini drive to a little farm. We bought apples, pumpkin butter, apple butter, cider and played around with the pumpkins! I mean, how much more Fall can you get!? By the way, Anabelle was loving the pumpkins!

















That was morning. That night we decided to continue with the fun of Oktoberfest and totally pigged out with brats and lots of sauerkraut! But this time we just did it on the comfort of our back deck instead of in the downtown craziness.



Grammy was just wearing the prettiest necklace and let Anabelle wear it for a little while! She only wore the sweater for a few seconds… Until we said she looked like Cruella Devil lol… But she continued to carefully play for half the night with the necklace! Somebody knew she looked beautiful…





How to encourage your toddler to love reading

Posted on: Wednesday, September 24, 2014


When Anabelle first hit the age that we were supposed to start reading to her, we were excited. Story time before bed, right? Christmas rolled around and we told everyone that we needed more baby books. But things didn’t pan out the way we thought. She wouldn’t pay attention or even allow us to hold the book open in front of her long enough to read the few words on that page. And as soon as she figured out how, she would just take it from us and throw it on the floor. We finally gave up and I put the books back in her closet and stopped trying…

A mere six months later, we walk into a room and the first thing Anabelle grabs are her books. Now a days it’s books over toys. Sometimes I don’t even get out of bed before I have to read three books to her… Or one book three times… Either way, our little girl went from a book hater to a complete and total book worm and hindsight, I think these are the tips that changed everything!

Encouraging your toddler to read

1. Keep the books accessible. Put the books where she can reach them. Now spice racks are super popular in nursery decor right now thanks to Pinterest, but I didn’t want to go to the trouble to display all her books if she was never really going to want to read them. But I did realize that I needed to get the books off the top shelf of her closet and put them somewhere where she might actually start to get curious about them. So I put them neatly on the floor next to her bedroom door. Eventually she started flipping through them, and now, that is the first place she goes. She pops a squat and flips through every single one of them.


2. Be an example. Read yourself! Anabelle wants to do everything that we do! That includes cleaning, cooking, stirring, and even reading. I used to be a book worm when I was little, but now a days I found it hard to find time to read. I finally started keeping a book on my nightstand and I would read for 15 to 30 minutes before turning my lights out. So much better than just playing on social media in the dark… Anyways, I started reading the Divergent series and before I knew it I was hooked. I couldn’t put the books down and I started reading all times of the day. And soon enough Kevin was doing the same thing. It could have just been timing, but I think it is more likely that Anabelle was just wanting to do the same thing. She started reading 10 times more often. She brings us a book, turns around to sit in our lap and then sits quietly until we’ve finished. Then she gets up and gets another one. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat on the kitchen floor while making my coffee to read her books… Which brings me to my next point…

Encouraging your toddler to read

3. Read when she wants to read. Don’t wait till it’s convenient for you! You might loose her interest. When she wanted to read I would drop what I was doing, sit down and immediately read her the book. It’s such a precious and sweet part of her development that I literally have not regretted one moment of inconvenience.

Encouraging your toddler to read

4. Cater to her interest. Continue to encourage the next step.  She’s too young to read herself? She can’t talk yet? She’s too young to say the alphabet? So?… We have this wonderful movie called the Letter Factory that we have started playing every once in a while for her. She loves it and it associates the letter with actions, sounds and then a little jingle to wrap it up. If she loves reading so much, then when is it too early to start teaching her the next step, her alphabet?!

Encouraging your toddler to read

How do you encourage your toddler to read?

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