Sunday Brunch

Posted on: Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sunday morning pancakes is turning into our little weekly ritual and you won’t find anyone over here complaining! Whether it’s in pj’s before church or dressed up after, we love sitting down for breakfast just the three of us to eat something that makes us so happy!




After Anabelle finished her pancakes, she begged for a banana. Yes, begged. So of course we obliged because how cute is she holding her own?!



She’s been going through this hilarious phase when anything that she can hold up to her head, she will pretend like it’s a phone and say her toddler version of “hello?” Of course she had banana in her hair, but it cracks me up every time! How did she learn to do that? I mean I’m pretty sure I text way more than I talk… But she’s also used a shoe, a spoon, and any of her toys… We finally bought her a toy cell phone last week haha.

An Instantly Framed Giveaway

Posted on: Monday, September 15, 2014


We were absolutely thrilled when Instantly Framed offered us a framed photo for our anniversary! I take so many photos, over half of them on my phone, and am obsessed with sharing them on Instagram! My Instagram tends to be different than the photos I take on my actual camera, usually more within the most natural and miscellaneous moments, and they never come out with the same clarity. No matter the quality, I still have special moments that I wish I would print out and frame, but it never seems that simple. It is though! And this picture of Anabelle was one of those pictures. I absolutely adored it from the moment I snapped it! I instantly knew that this was the photo to order!

This company was fantastic and they make ordering beautifully framed photos so easy! All you have to do it download the app, connect to your photos (I chose to connect straight to my Instagram), pick out the photo you wish to frame, select the size photo you want within your 12×12 walnut frame, and order! They even take into consideration the quality of your photo so that you don’t order a photo too large and receive a pixelated image! Just remember that the more filters and editing you do to your images, the more the image quality tends to go away. But it’s just that easy! Instantly and beautifully Framed! Three days later, you receive your beautifully framed photo in the mail!





Today I am absolutely excited because I have teamed up with Instantly Framed to offer a chance to win your own framed photo! That’s a $65 value! To enter, just follow Instantly Framed (username: @InstantlyFramed) and Laughing Latte (username: @luvvleighb) on Instagram! Then, share the giveaway with your own followers and use #InstantlyLaughingGiveaway! For extra entries, follow us on facebook too! Verify your entries below! Giveaway ends 9/18.

Also, you can get $10 off your first purchase by using the code CILaughing10! It’s good through the 9/22! So hurry ;) Go check out the Instantly Framed App!

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Our trip to North Carolina {Part 2}

Posted on: Friday, September 12, 2014


And the rest of the photos (You can see part 1 here)! We had such a great long weekend! Lots of visiting, quite a few Disney movies (one thing all four of us could agree on while hanging out inside), and lots of park and playground time!





It’s almost like she was posing for this picture! And then she turned around, ducked down, and took off!…




Anabelle even made a little friend! And maybe even tried to make a little move….




We went to take her off the swing and she threw a fit! The slide she has at home, so the swing might be her favorite thing at the playground!









Oh and you know we can’t go anywhere without an ice cream run! Sweet baby lips! I love everything about ice cream, including the mess!



20 ways to store your kid’s toys

Posted on: Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hey guys! I’m over on Little Inspiration today talking about 20 different ways to store your kids toys!!! Check it out! How do you like to store all the little people’s things?

Vintage White & Golden Hour Light

Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Is this dress not absolute vintage perfection?! I can’t believe it fits so perfectly and oh my goodness! I am so glad I was able to give it back it’s crisp white appearance. I wish summer wasn’t about to end or else this would be going into some pretty heavy rotation…



Style posts have gotten really easy lately. They are by far my quickest and easiest post since I only do them maybe once a week, and I know exactly what kind of lighting and edits that I typically like to use. So I wanted to step out of my comfort zone again and try something new! I spend 10 times longer messing around with photos whenever I switch things up, but that’s always when I start improving. This time, I really want to learn how to take those beautiful golden hour portraits. I don’t think this is too shabby for my first try. In fact, the actual act of taking the photographs didn’t take too long at all… The sun sets fast! Unfortunately, we didn’t adjust the settings as the sun was going down and the light was constantly changing, so only half the photos were even light enough to be usable…


I definitely took over two hours playing and experimenting with different ways to edit my photos… The left was my original. I should have adjusted my white balance to the ‘shade’ setting instead of automatic, but it was too late by the time I loaded them onto my computer… I almost settled for the first edit (second to the left), but I started reading tips and playing around with it more… Two hours later I learned how to remove the color cast so I took off my screen (third from the left) and then with a slight artificial light leak (right) I was finally pleased! For now… At least for making due with what I had.

I really need one of two things (or both!): a super awesome friend with mad photography skills to give me pointers, or more spectacular online tutorials and tips. Any recommendations? Please help!

Also, one last photo… It was too dark to save, but somehow I really think that it just belongs in black and white:


Ok friends, do you have any tips or tutorials that you like to use??? I want to perfect this craft…

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