Happy Fourth of July!

Posted on: Saturday, July 4, 2015


We hope you have a happy fourth of July! Today is baby’s due date, but she seems to be pretty darn comfortable in there, so we are waiting her out and just living each day like normal till I’m sure she comes out with a bang! Not much else to do since we literally completed everything on our “before-baby” to-do list. Last night we pulled out the left over sparklers from our wedding and Anabelle was totally enchanted! Couldn’t help but to snap some phone pictures! Today should be fun! Happy Fourth!




Maternity photos

Posted on: Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I convinced myself that maternity photos are overrated. Don’t get me wrong. I love photos! And I love an excuse to take more photos. And I never ever regret the decision to work with a photographer for a more professional photos. I even finally started a gallery wall, so now I have the perfect place to frame and display my favorites! But if I got every photo shoot that pinterest says you should get, I’d spend a small fortune… So I opted out of maternity photos when I was pregnant with Anabelle. I had just had my engagement photos the previous Spring, my wedding photos the previous Summer, and I’d much prefer to pay for a newborn family session anyway once the baby arrived. However, we ended up DIYing that photoshoot since we were moving twice, buying a house, and welcoming a baby all within the same month or two. But I figured with as many photos as I took, if I wanted a photo of my belly, I could just picked one and frame it, which I did and it’s sitting in my family room and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This time around, however, I may have started to change my mind. I went to a wedding at 37 weeks pregnant and wore this beautiful blush dress. I don’t want this to come across as full of myself at all, that’s not the point… But so many people told me I looked gorgeous, I was glowing, that I was sexy, that there is nothing more beautiful, sexy, or womanly than a fully pregnant woman  about to have a baby. That is the amazing process and experience that only a woman’s body is built to do. Really I got more compliments that night than I have ever gotten at any other one point in my life. I started to wonder if maybe I should make a point to document this. Of course I waited till even more last minute than the 37 weeks that I was, and two weeks later, at 39 weeks, the last sunny day of the week according to the weather channel, my sister and I grabbed my two favorite dresses, my camera, and headed to my favorite park. Kevin lucked out. I decided not to do family photos since Anabelle was not in a photo mood at all! Plus I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to go to the trouble to get the maternity photos myself, so I didn’t want to drag him along.

I cannot even express how happy I am that I did this. I may be especially uncomfortable at this point and really want to have this baby early. Baby girl may keep kicking a nerve and causing my left butt cheek to practically go numb. And I may be exhausted after one simple errand. But this time is so magical and it is only going to happen a limited number of times. I am so happy to have my pregnancy documented forever.
















PS. Both dresses are actually non maternity! The pink crocheted maxi dress is from Lulu’s. The ombre maxi is from Altar’d State. (Currently on sale in stores!)

23/52 – 25/52

Posted on: Friday, June 26, 2015

A portrait of my daughter every week, once a week, in 2015.



Anabelle: Ice cream covered summer night



Anabelle: When my accessorizing isn’t good enough, she does it herself.



Anabelle: Always trying on Mommy’s and Daddy’s shoes.

Maternity Dresses

Posted on: Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Some people might think that summer and pregnancy don’t mix. Your hot, your big, you might bloat, etc…. But considering the fact that once I get into my third trimester, I just want to take all my clothes off, I’d say summer and pregnancy go together quite well. Seriously, once I get to this point, I just feel like my clothes are squeezing me. Even some of my maternity clothes. I hate putting on jeans, I hate layers, and my underwear even starts to feel too small. I literally start to wonder why Adam and Eve had to eat that apple and force their offspring to get dressed every day. In these last couple weeks, I’m even to this point when my Pilates spandex don’t fit me right. They slide down under my belly and get stuck so I’m pulling them up every 5 minutes while teaching. Minus the underwear, everything I have listed so far is pretty much retired for the remainder of my pregnancy. And this is when summer dresses get to save the day!  I had a few cute maternity dresses the first time around and loved them so much in the final months of my pregnancy that I invested in many more this second time around. Maternity dresses are obviously perfect since they are made for my changing body. I prefer maternity maxi dresses since I can bend over for Anabelle without flashing the world. But I’ve even found a few longer babydoll dresses that fit nicely over my bump. And then there’s this dress. This cheery patterned Pink Blush Maternity dress is not only a perfect maternity dress, but it’s actually one of my only dresses that I can wear for nursing once baby girl makes her debut! No pants needed, and just hanging on by your shoulders, maternity dresses save the day at the very end of pregnancy.





In partnership with Pink Blush Maternity. All opinions are my own.

Father’s Day

Posted on: Monday, June 22, 2015


Kevin really makes such a wonderful father! Anabelle is his princess and he is just everything to her! It’s so fun to watch him spoil her, teach her, read to her, laugh with her, tickle her, cuddle with her, everything he does with her! And I love having a simple day to celebrate him! We spoiled him with something he never gets… Letting him sleep in and making him coffee in bed! We haven’t had a sunny day in forever, so when it made an appearance, we just had to feast on pancakes outside and pull out the kiddie pool. It was simple. And it was great!








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