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    Our Florida Girls Week!


    Last week my mom, sisters and baby girls all headed down to Florida for a girls week! When we first threw out the idea months ago, none of us really thought it was going to happen, but somehow we did it and boy was it great! Florida feels like a second home to all of us. After all, we’ve been visiting the same place at least once a year pretty much since we were born, so we loved having the opportunity to bond, just us girls. Well, Dad and Grandpa too 😉 Continue reading

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    3 ways to dress up and breastfeed subtly

    3 ways to dress up and breastfeed subtly

    Three years ago when Anabelle was first born and I entered the world of breastfeeding, I sacrificed a lot. I’m not complaining at all. I have loved breastfeeding my two girls, but it’s no walk in the park. And in the midst of giving up your body to be the life force for another human, I think it’s important not to lose yourself. I’ve talked before about why it is important to give yourself time to relax to recharge for your mental health. I’ve talked about why it is important to find time to workout, because not only is it essential for my physical health, but again when it comes to my mental sanity. And now today, I want to talk about another area important to me: Fashion. Continue reading

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    DIY colorful, weathered picnic table

    DIY Colorful, weathered picnic table with a dark stain

    We bought this picnic table a year ago because we needed something for the back deck and didn’t want to be limited by the number of chairs around the table. One more can always squeeze in! And we’ve loved it. But I couldn’t decide for the life of me what I wanted to do to finish it. I kept going back and forth between staining versus painting it, but I couldn’t decide what would wear best and be worth my time. So of course I decided to go with probably the most complicated route and decided to both paint AND stain it!

    Best decision ever! And it wasn’t even that hard!  Continue reading

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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Fourth of July! Huge flag as a backdrop!

    Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July! Ours has been one for the memory books!

    I think the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays! This year was no different!

    And can we please appreciate Anabelle working on her peace sign!