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    How to style 5 minute beach waves

    How to style quick and easy 5 minute beach waves

    When I go to Florida and that humidity hits, I’m in heaven! First off, I start working on my natural hair highlights, but also, my hair is so much easier to style! At home, I typically go with a loose wave look, but if I did that in Florida then I would be in hair frizz ball land. Since my hair is curly though, if I embrace it, then there is nothing better! I pretty much immediately jump in the ocean and switch to a beach wave, surfer look! It’s actually easier to style in Florida than the days at home when I decide I want to embrace my natural curls. When you work with the weather around you, it helps majorly when styling your hair. So anyway, this is how I style beach waves: Continue reading

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    DIY Donut Bouquet

    DIY donut bouquet craft for national donut day

    Oh hey there! Did you know National Donut Day is next week? Yep, I’m the nerd that knows. I blame it on blogging for many years… and I usually I miss it. I’ve never been a huge donut fan, but Kevin is, and I love that he takes Anabelle on a little Daddy daughter date to go get them! We each have our specialties and mine tends to be on the crafty activity end. So I decided to come up with a craft that she’d love!  Continue reading

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    Coffee confessions

    This post is in partnership with Genuine Thermos® Brand. All opinions are my own. Thank you for your support!

    Coffee Confession

    Confession #1: In the midst of drowsily wandering from my bed to the kitchen, after putting on a pot of coffee, I *almost* poured my coffee into my wine glass!

    Confession #2: I don’t even need coffee to wake up! Continue reading

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    The truth behind naturally deodorizing shoes

    The truth (Good and bad!) behind naturally deodorizing shoes!

    It’s getting warmer out, which means when I’m not wearing sandals, my feet are sweating in my chucks… and that my friends, smells bad! Time to deodorize!

    I’m all about natural fixes, so I thought maybe I’d put together the perfect solution with my new essential oils kit to deodorize my shoes and share it with you guys. I asked my friend Mr. Pinterest for inspiration. Come to find out, there are tons of ways to naturally deodorize shoes, and I was a little overwhelmed with the possibilities… Continue reading