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    How to find affordable Halloween costumes!

    How to find Affordable Halloween costumes without sacrificing the price!

    You can easily spend a fortune on Halloween costumes, and still end up with cheap costumes that leave glitter all over the house (girl mom here!)… And for what? One night of covering the costume with a coat and trick or treating for 2 hours for a bag of candy that cost $2 at the local grocery store…

    Thankfully my girls love to play dress ups year round so I just think of costumes as new toys to add to their closets, but I’m still looking for affordable Halloween costumes that don’t lack in quality (especially since we like to reuse them 😉 )!

    How to find Affordable Halloween costumes without sacrificing the price!

    4 ways to find affordable Halloween costumes:

    1. Resale

    I’m a huge fan of buying resale! It’s my way of finding great brands and good quality for an affordable price. I follow my local resale shop on facebook and as soon as they start collecting Halloween costumes, I like to make frequent stops till I find the perfect one! Last year I bought the giraffe and lion costume which were awesome quality for only $15 total!

    2. Think ahead

    Like a year ahead! Now with this route, you can’t plan on current interests, so it depends on the personality of your child, but you can find some great costumes! Last year, a few days after Halloween, I found a beautiful Princess Anna dress marked down from $50 to $10! Score! I ended up giving it to her as a Christmas present because she loves dress ups, but I could easily buy a size up and save it for Halloween!

    3. DIY

    I’m new to the DIY costume route, but I’m giving it a shot this year and so far so good! I used some old curtains as fabric for Anabelle’s costume which leaves me just having to buy a few accessories. Studio DIY has some super fun ideas for DIY costumes!

    4. Use your closet

    Almost seems too simple to be worthwhile, but I think these are some of the best! Pick costumes that you can create out of your own closets! Say Yes has some awesome family themed costumes for this route!

    How to find Affordable Halloween costumes without sacrificing the price!

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    Halloween Photo Booth Props ($1 DIY!)

    $1 DIY Halloween Photo Booth Props!

    When I spotted these felt stickers, meant for decorating pumpkins, I knew I needed them! But I needed them for something else I had planned! I wanted to make some fun Halloween photo booth props with Anabelle and was thrilled when I realized these were already cut decorated and ready to go!

    I though why not save on time? No template needed, cheap, and already cut perfectly! I mean the project was half done for me!

    Of course, Anabelle called the cat. She has something going for cats right now, perfect timing for Halloween!

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    Fall photo ideas for your kids this season!

    Fall photo ideas! 25 must-capture photo ideas for this Fall!

    I am a summer girl, but I’m just about ready for that first frost to get rid of the hayfever allergies and the mosquitoes… And now, after putting together this list of Fall photo ideas, I’m chomping at the bit for this next season!

    Fall is great for photography, because it adds such a warm collection of colors into your photos. Plus, a whole bunch of Holidays line up (Halloween, Thanksgiving…) leading to a bunch of excuses for adorable crafts and reasons to dress your kiddos up. I mean seriously, every time I turn around we are planning something new leading to more perfect fall photo ideas! Continue reading

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    DIY felt pet masks

    Halloween felt pet mask! Felt animal

    Gosh kids make goofy holidays so fun! And these felt animal masks make it even better!

    I made these felt dalmatian ears two years ago and Anabelle still will find them and slip them on to be a puppy! So this year I asked her if she wanted to make a dalmatian mask. She told me Betty wanted a dalmatian and she wanted a cat! Sooo… since we seem to be going with a household pet theme for our felt pet masks, I figured I’d tack on a bird as well!

    These masks were super easy (I even included a template below!), and all you really need is some felt and elastic, but we managed to make use of some extra goodies we found in our craft box as well! Continue reading