How to protect your camera on the beach

    How to protect your camera on the beach from the sand

    It’s easy to think maybe I should leave my camera behind when we go to the beach and just stick with my phone. But then I remind myself that I have a camera to capture quality photographs of my favorite moments. If I’m not taking it to the beach, then what do I have it for?

    The beach can be tricky though, because I’m obviously trying to enjoy the sand, sun and saltwater as well. So I’ve developed a little personal system that I use to protect my camera when we head to the sand. Continue reading

    10 Tips for the Best Travel Photos with Kids

    Travel photo tips with your kids for your next vacation

    Whenever we go on vacation, I always take 10x more photos than usual. However, I try my best to keep things as normal as possible. I don’t want to be THAT obnoxious mom with a camera. (I already am… but still, there is a balance!) I want the girls to WANT to be in the photos.

    The trick to taking travel photos is to take enough to accurately document the trip, but not so many as to ruin and miss the moments. It shouldn’t be a zillion photoshoots (although I have my moments *ahem* sunset *ahem*), just a couple photos here and there. Continue reading

    How to fix white balance in Photoshop

    How to fix white balance in photoshop and ACR (video tutorials)

    Have you ever taken a picture and had it come out too blue or too yellow? I mean I think we’ve all done it. And while we do our best to set the white balance, sometimes that’s the last setting I get to in the pressure of the moment. Or sometimes it’s just a tiny bit off when I load my photos in Photoshop. Whatever the reason, there are two ways to quickly and easily fix the issue in post processing! Continue reading