Posted on: Friday, April 18, 2014



“Where is Anabelle?” is currently our favorite game in this house! We have three living room windows covered in lace curtains that drape all the way to the ground. Anabelle loves to grab hold of the curtain and whip it out toward the room allowing it to fall around her. She then sits quietly and watches you as you walk around the room softly yelling “Wheeeeeeeeere is Anabelle?!” Every once in a while you hear her let out a giggle and the game gets even more intense. When you finally pick up the curtain and yell, “There she is!!!” She squeals with delight and whips the curtain right back around her for another round!


So Daddy is starting to get a little jealous and this is probably one of my absolute favorite things Anabelle is doing right now. Daddy comes and gives me a kiss. Anabelle pants and hurries and climbs up into my lap and opens her mouth to give me a bigger, longer smooch. When she’s done, she immediately whips her head around and looks at Daddy. Daddy goes in to give her a kiss and she turns away. So instead he gives me another kiss. Again, Anabelle pants and hurries to climb up to my face and gives me another kiss and then whips her head around to look at Daddy. She doesn’t want to give Daddy a kiss, she just wants to compete for Mommy’s affection! OooooH! I love my little Mommy’s girl!!!




Anabelle loves to get into what she is not allowed to have, as I guess is the case with any newly mobile baby and thus where the concept of baby proofing comes in… Anyways, Daddy had a bucket of goodies from his birthday and Anabelle loves to use the bucket to stand up and then throws everything in the bucket onto the floor. It’s quite a harmless yet noisy process that entertains her, so I let her do it. Well one day I realized that she was waaaaay too quite. I look up and she is sitting in the middle of the spilled bag of beef jerky, pieces spread all around her, and in her hand is the biggest piece that she is just intently sucking on! Mommy fail. (PS. Isn’t that just a phenomenal head of nap hair?!



The weather outside has been mostly nice in the past two weeks and we both love it! Anabelle gets a little bored and hardly plays with her toys as much as she used to, but a fresh setting with lots of new things to explore has been just the ticket for both of us to relax and have fun!

Happy Friday! And Happy Easter :)

Luvv, Leigh B

Red, White, & Something Borrowed

Posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014


I was so excited for the 80 degree weather last weekend, and then it snowed on Monday…. But while the amazing weather lasted, I loved pulling the bin out from under my bed with all my packed away summer clothes, picking out some of my light and airy tanks and capris, and breaking in my new Saltwaters! Baby girl loved it too! Playing outside in the grass, picking Mommy’s flowers as quickly as she could get her hands on them, and soaking in the sun. This summer is going to be great with a little girl running around!



Also, this outfit was just too boring… And what better way to spice up your everyday outfit than by borrowing your 9 month old baby girl’s headband?! I’ve done it before and I bet I’ll do it again! All of the sudden I felt just as sweet as she is ;)

Luvv, Leigh B

10 minute lunches: Tuna, cottage cheese, & avocados

Posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014


More like a 3 minute lunch… I didn’t know what else to call today’s lunch except by the ingredients. But today’s recipe is super easy, super quick, super healthy and super, super weird. Yes I will admit that right off the bat! Weird. When I first saw somebody post it on Instagram, my first instinct was “EWWW!” I think I may have even said it out loud. But I have a strict no judgement policy unless I’ve tried it, and I really didn’t see what I wouldn’t like about it. It’s just that tuna and cottage cheese together don’t scream yummm… But it’s good! It’s really good, quick and filling!


It’s been just over a week that I have now been gluten free, I started in an attempt to prepare for allergy season, and I am so glad that I did! My mom, two sisters and I have all for various reasons gone gluten free, and the one sister that hasn’t is currently dying of allergies… If my very little allergy trend continues, then my no gluten is going to continue too! At least through May ;) It’s really quite great!



Cottage Cheese


Combine and indulge.


By the way, this meal is Anabelle approved. She sits in her high chair and we share! She LOVES it.

Luvv, Leigh B

Mom’s birthday weekend!

Posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014


Mom’s birthday was last week, and since we all have the busiest schedules during the week, we waited till Saturday to celebrate. We threw a party at our place! Weeeeell… Correction: Mom and Dad bought the all organic, fresh food, brought everything over, and then Kevin pulled out his new grill and we hosted the party  at our place :D

I LOVE Spring!!! I love gathering outside in perfect weather with family and friends! The party was just too perfect!


Daddy never got her dressed, and then she took a loooong nap after Mommy came home from work, so she started the party in her pj’s.



I think these were the best burgers ever! Since half of us are avoiding gluten (allergy season, etc.) we were the queens of condiments! Cheese, tomato, avocado, onion, cucumber, jalepeno, pickles, salsa! Did we miss anything? I swear I think these were the best burgers I ever had!




And then Bernadette topped it off made the most delicious raw cake (recipe here)! Completely phenomenal! Delicious, healthy, raw, and beautiful!



By the way, whenever Anabelle wears these sunglasses, she doesn’t smile. She’s so smug. She smirked at one point and then quickly hid the smile behind that snarky face! She did the same exact thing in Florida.

Happy birthday, Mom! We had a blast celebrating with you!

Luvv, Leigh B

Kevin’s birthday weekend!

Posted on: Saturday, April 12, 2014


Ok, so this is kind of a weekend in photos post posted a weekend later… Man days pass by so fast! My sisters even started asking me when I was posting these! They wanted to see them again so bad! Also, this is Kevin’s birthday celebration recap and yes, I just opened it up with a picture of Anabelle and I instead of Kevin… Things happen.


We had an awesome weekend though! I sort of FINALLY surprised Kevin with a grill! I wanted to buy him one last year, but the house we were trying to buy fell through… I only say sort of surprised him, because yes, he did pick it out… But there was a slight possibility I wouldn’t get it for him! And yes, I did manage to plan the delivery behind his back, but he still wasn’t shocked to find it on our porch. It’s the attempt at surprise that counts, right?


We got super lucky last weekend and we had the most perfect Spring weekend! We broke in the fire pit for the first time in 2014 and grilled both nights away!



By the way… Poached egg cups are perfect for a little apple sauce snacks for baby Anabelle!



My sister drew this adorable picture of Anabelle! Isn’t it just perfect?!



For the official birthday celebration, my Dad taught Kevin how to make beer can chicken! This is definitely going to have to be a regular dinner now ALL summer!… I don’t have to cook. Kevin gets to play on his grill. Win. Win.



Anabelle is now a professional at giving kisses! Opened mouthed, and if you’re lucky she’ll give you lots of tongue!


I’m not sure what brought this up… But this was my Dad’s gift to Kevin.

Mom loved it. It ended up in Dad’s man cave. Now it’s Kevin’s. And I kind of like it…



Kevin’s parents came in for the whole weekend! It was so great to have them around! Kevin and his Dad played tools in the basement and we all had such a great weekend celebrating his birthday!



We were trying to hit the beer can! I was so close so many times…



My Dad… He makes epic faces… But doesn’t that chicken look so good?!





 Hope you have a splendid weekend! We will probably have a very similar one again this weekend! I hear it’s supposed to be nice!!! And we have another birthday to celebrate… My Mom’s!!!

Luvv, Leigh B

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