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    A Weekend Guide to Gluten Free Nashville

    A weekend guide to Gluten Free Nashville

    Oh Nashville, you stole my heart! I traveled to Nashville the other weekend and had one of the best times! What a great city! It’s full of fun spots and we tried to experience a little bit of everything. This is a little off topic for my blog, but I put so much research into places to see in Nashville (and I’m gluten free, so they had to be gluten friendly!), loved every place I experienced, and still have more on my list for my next trip one day, that I thought I’d share it here! Continue reading

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    Manual tricks for better beach sunset portraits

    Manual tricks for better beach sunset portraits on your dslr

    ISO: 200,  f2.8, 1/400

    Welcome to part 2 for improving your beach sunset portraits! In case you missed the memo, I’m sharing my beach sunset tips in a three part series!

    Make sure to check out my other posts for better beach sunset portraits:

    Part 1: Capturing the photo. Composition tricks for better sunset portraits on the beach! (These tips are for both DSLR and phone users alike!)

    Part 2: Manual tricks for better beach sunset portraits. (That’s why your here!)

    Part 3: How to edit beach sunset portraits. (Coming soon!) Continue reading

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    How to ease the co-sleeping to crib-sleeping transition

    Co-sleeping to crib-sleeping: 5 musts to ease the transition for both the parents and the baby!

    Betty has been a very easy going, laid back baby. I never considered Anabelle to be a difficult baby. She cried, she fussed, she nursed a lot when teething, but she smiled, played independently, and learned quickly! However, compared to Betty, she was rough…

    Betty was a very happy and smily baby who popped teeth out like a champ, and barely ever cried. But she’s so laid back and I’ve been so busy keeping up with Anabelle, who’s now a full blown toddler, that Betty’s been a little late to hit a few milestones such as walking, climbing up the stairs (so not complaining about that one…) and sleeping in her own bed. Continue reading

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    Beach Sunset Portraits! Tips for the Best Composition!

    Beach sunset portrait tips. Tips for a killer composition with any camera

    Beach sunset portraits are quite possibly my favorite photos to take! It’s that last 15 minutes of light that change everything and creates a magical glow that shines through the sky and reflects off the water! It’s stunning, and it’s my favorite light to play with.

    You never know what the sunset is going to give you, what colors you are going to capture, what the light is going to look like, but if you can work with it, you can capture some of the most beautiful portraits!  Continue reading