My bump is bumpin’!

Posted on: Monday, March 2, 2015


My bump is bumpin’! I’m finally dying to wear fitted clothes again. At first I love these roomy outfits: flared out skirts, cozy sweaters, roomy button ups. But now that my bump is big enough to obviously be a baby belly and not just a little too much lunch, I finally want to transition back into some more fitted clothes to show it off! But for now, this skirt is just right. Long enough not to be too short when the belly pushes it out, and a high waisted elastic waist band to comfortably adjust above my belly.


DIY Ribbon Bow Clip

Posted on: Friday, February 27, 2015


Today I am over on on Little Inspiration making a DIY ribbon bow clip! It’s so simple, all you need is this:


Plus a glue gun, and you can make this:


Go check it out!


We’re having a…

Posted on: Thursday, February 26, 2015


We have an announcement!


Anabelle can tell you one thing…


We did not dig these ballet slippers back out for her to wear…




Although it took a while before she was convinced….


We are over the moon to announce that we are having another little girl!


Anabelle is going to be the best big sister ever!


We all three can’t wait to meet you, little one!

(I just had to chose these ballet slippers today, since I also used them for Anabelle’s It’s a Girl announcement!)

DIY Antique Nightstand Update

Posted on: Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It took me a while to find nightstands for our room. Ever since we’ve been married we’ve had mismatched nightstands, and I was the one who had the short or flimsy ones… But when I spotted these at my local consignment shop for about $30 a piece, I knew they perfect when met all my requirements! I needed nightstands to match our bedroom furniture’s retro style, I needed them to be skinny so that they could fit in the guest room when we eventually replace our bedroom set and transferred the furniture into an upstairs guest bedroom, and I needed multiple drawers. I kid you not, these are absolutely perfect. Well minus being pretty heavily worn and beat up…



Structurally, these nightstands were perfect, but cosmetically they were kind of a mess. Totally beat up all over, water damage on the top, and even a missing layer of wood sporadically on the top of one. The drawers, however, really were perfect in every way. Since I wanted to preserve the original quality of these nightstands in as many ways as I could, I decided to leave the drawers as is and just paint the frame. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. And Kevin just loves them. They are unique, one of a kind, and may as well have been professionally done.


I used Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint. I applied 3 coats, but it really only needed 2. Once I applied the third coat, I had a completely solid coat of white, which would have looked great had the wood not been popping up from water damage or who knows what. But since the surface wasn’t smooth, I decided that I needed to sand it down. It wasn’t possible to sand away the imperfections of the wood, but by sanding down the paint, I was able to pull the imperfections out in a good way. The third coat of paint made it so I had a lot more to sand, but honestly I wasn’t positive that I wanted to sand till I had already applied that last coat.


I was nervous about sanding. I’ve used Annie Sloan for so many pieces of furniture in our house by now, but I’ve never applied any sanding techniques. I really don’t know how I could have messed it up though. I started with the edges because I knew that would look naturally beat up once I sanded it down. Then I worked on the sides. I had a few areas on the sides where something from the wood was bleeding through the paint no matter how many coats I applied. So I started with those areas. I wanted to sand them down enough that you either didn’t see the spots, or that you didn’t notice them because the uneven-ness in the distressed paint job made them blend in. The sides were great practice and so then I started sanding the top. I really didn’t know how the top would turn out, but I actually love that every little imperfection popped through. It really added another level of character to the nightstands. Then with a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax, I was done.



You can see here the water damage and where the slivers of wood are missing, yet how even though I painted to cover this up, sanding it back down actually allowed another level of character to shine through.



This might not have been the most romantic way to spend our Valentine’s Day, but we were both so motivated that we couldn’t help but cheer each other on in a few of the projects that had been sitting around the house waiting for us. So in other words, it was the perfect way for us to spend Valentine’s Day! Now we only have a couple more things and our bedroom will be completely done! Well, round #1 anyway… ;)

Bundled up bump

Posted on: Monday, February 23, 2015


Things have been a bit cold and white around here. Scarves are starting to get annoying because it turns my hair into a static chamber. And Anabelle’s fleece pj’s are getting to be a bit much… ‘Pick me up. Put me down. Let me sit with you. Oh I want to slide back down.’ Yup instant shock to the next thing I touch and my sweatshirt might be full of static for the next hour. Don’t get me wrong. I love cold weather when snow is involved! I think that if it’s going to be cold, it may as well snow. But it has to snow everyone in and cancel our days so that we can cuddle up under blankets and watch movies. And I only need about a week of that… I finally got it last week! So now it can melt away and things can get back to normal around here… But good news, we finally planned our pre-baby, Spring vacation, so I have some definite warmer weather to look forward to!


Yup, that’d be my belly band from my jeans peeking out. Looks like I might need to buy some longer tank tops… My belly seems to be taking over the small amount of surface area of the ones that I have already.



This is the only picture I have that shows the slightest appearance of a small bump. Sweaters and coats are great for disguising a protruding belly, but not so great when you wanted to show off a little bit for a bump picture ;)

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