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Style it / 10 {First Trimester Fashion}

Obviously you don’t show much in your first trimester, in fact I when I first started to show near the end, I’m not even sure that I had started to gain weight. But getting dressed in the morning was basically like getting dressed and prepped for Thanksgiving dinner every morning. You never know when you just want to unbutton your pants for a bit… Right?! It’s all about hiding the belly before it starts looking like a belly. Soooo, no more slim fitting dresses, or at least not as often….  I adjusted my style to keep things flattering but most importantly keep me comfortable in my own skin and clothes.

When I closed in on the end of the trimester, I felt like I was starting to show. But then again, I wear spandex all the time (Pilates instructor…) and am very conscious when it comes to the body (Pilates instructor again…). If I’m not pulling my abs in and up and it looks like I ate an enormous feast for dinner, then I’m going to consider that as starting to show! Because to me and my husband, I was! I looked normal, but I still wanted to feel confident, so I wasn’t going to show off my full-looking stomach. These were some of my favorite ways to keep things comfortable and stylish as I advanced through my first trimester.

High Waisted Skirts


My waist has always been fairly tiny, so anything that I gather around the waist makes me feel good. It’s a flattering style for me. (Maybe that’s why I was so excited to have a 1950’s themed wedding!) So when I wore skirts that flare out from the waist and flow down, it gave me just the right amount of room to relax my stomach while still flattering my body! Oh, and I always like to wear tights that are too large, so uncomfortable squeezing was never an issue.

Pullover Sweaters


None of my pullover sweaters are form fitting, so not only did they add the extra warmth I needed throughout the winter, but these were perfect whenever I needed a little extra breathing room!

Button Downs and Cardigans


Thank goodness this look is in style because this was pretty much my easiest go-to. And since, like pull over sweaters, button down shirts aren’t super form fitting, it was a great way to add a little extra breathing room without putting me in sweatpants. (PS. I actually wore the all-red ensemble for Thanksgiving dinner! And let the pants be unbuttoned! Actually, I think at that point I was just happy to be able to eat something. Thanks, nausea.)



Black is always slimming and makes me feel sleek! So on days when I wasn’t quite feeling myself, but my belly wasn’t necessarily ‘cute’ yet, This was the perfect way to make it look like I was holding my stomach in when I really wasn’t!

Add in my Pilates clothes and you pretty much have my first trimester uniforms!

Luvv, Leigh B

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