How to achieve the perfect white balance on your phone!

I’m so excited to have Libby here today to talk about how to achieve the perfect white balance on your phone! I knew you would want to hear more than I could fit in my newsletter, (you can sign up here if you want in on the weekly, newsletter-exclusive tips!) so here you go! This tip is gold!

How to achieve the perfect white balance from your phone

Hi! Libby here, from Libby Jones Photography. I’m so excited to be partnering with Morgan to bring you a little photo tip! Asking me to talk about photography is like asking Elsa to talk about ice (forgive the princess references–I have a two year old whose identity changes based on the princess she feels embodies her inner most desires at the moment). I could get reeeeallll boring, reeeeaaaaallll quick. But, I chose an easy to understand, easy to implement tip today; How to achieve the perfect white balance on your phone! That’s right, it can all be done on your phone! Even better, right?!

My love of my big girl cameras knows no bounds, but with three kids and a busy schedule, my DSLR + film cameras can’t make the trip everywhere I go. So, when I’m on the go, my “professional” camera, is whatever I have on me – usually my iPhone. I’m always on the hunt for the best platform for taking and editing those spur of the moment shots. To be fair, the native camera on iPhone is actually pretty decent. But, I’d never want anything less than the best for you, my photo loving friend, so read on!

Working with professional equipment allows for tweaks of nearly every aspect of an image. Giving up that control with an iPhone is frustrating. One of my biggest frustrations has been tweaking white balance on my phone.

What is white balance, you ask?

I’m glad you asked such a great question! White balance is balancing any color cast in an image, so objects that appear white in person also appear white in your image. White balance can be tweaked afterwards, but it’s always better to get in right to begin with. To see white balance in action, my kids and I set my camera up for a little dance party in the desert. Watch my dress to see how the white balance changes.

Too blue:

How to establish the perfect white balance on your phone!

Too yellow:

How to establish the perfect white balance on your phone!

And as Goldilocks would say, juuuust right!

How to establish the perfect white balance on your phone!

Notice the skin tones, and how grey or orange our skin appears in the incorrect images. Also, check out how it seems to be brighter and darker based on the white balance in the image. But it’s not – all other variables stayed the same! White balance is super important!

How can you tweak white balance on your phone?

Another great question! Enter Filmborn, a new app by Mastin Labs (also check out their film-emulating presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw – best in the business).

How to establish the perfect white balance on your phone!

(image via PetaPixel)

This app allows you to shoot an image in the app, apply the film-emulating filter before shooting, adjust exposure by sliding your finger up and down AND (cue the drum roll please) ADJUST WHITE BALANCE ON YOUR PHONE by sliding your finger right and left (cue the chorus of angels!).

See some simple images  shot on my phone this afternoon in my kitchen (iOS, with FUJI 400H preset applied):

How to establish the perfect white balance on your phone!

These were quick snaps with nothing else tweaked except white balance. More can be done afterwards with brightness, contrast, experimenting with other film stocks, etc. AND, those setting can be copied and pasted onto other images. Best app ever, right?! Don’t even get me started on the amazingness of Filmborn + Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus. I’m considering buying the monstrous phone for no other reason than that. While the app was recently released in the app store, it is not yet available for Android users. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys!

And just in case you’re wondering, I have absolutely no association with Mastin Labs or Filmborn. Except that I’m slightly obsessed with their product. And I think you should be too.

Happy shooting!

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  • A Renee

    New to your blog an I loved this tip! I’ve had filmborn since it first was released but I haven’t had the chance to take time to learn the app. I definitely need to!

    • Morgan Leigh

      Oh thank you! Glad you liked it! I bought the curves layer in the app and it’s my favorite app to edit in now!