6 reasons you should upgrade to the 50mm f/1.8 lens!

6 reasons to upgrade to the 50mm f/1.8 lens

After you buy your first camera and you start digging into manual, it’s the time you start wondering, what is the next step? Well two things: The first, and one I was never told, invest in learning! It will save you so much time and frustration! And the second, once you start switching over to manual, upgrade your lens to the 50mm f/1.8 lens!

Even without knowing anything about photography, and just beginning to dive into manual, this lens helped improve my photography tremendously! Compared to other lens, it’s incredibly affordable and worth every cent!

(Tip: I’ve started buying lens refurbished simply because they are well taken care of and in like-new condition for a little cheaper!)

I am a big believer in using what you have till you can’t improve anymore. You can do a lot with just your own skills and your camera. But once you switch to manual, you will quickly outgrow your kit lens. The kit lens doesn’t have a very big range as for the aperture setting and this is huge when you are trying to work with your light. So this lens is definitely that next step!

6 Reasons to Upgrade to a 50mm f/1.8 Lens:

1. It’s a super affordable.

I mean, especially for your first lens. It’s only $125 and it improves the quality of your photos so drastically.

Now I know that a negative when you are first looking at purchasing this lens is that it doesn’t have a zoom. However, if you look at zoom lens that can get down to this low of an aperture, they are probably worth more than your camera. Sooo, once you let that soak in, acting as the manual zoom doesn’t seem that bad then does it?

2. It can get a low aperture.

This lens goes all the way down to a 1.8 aperture. I hardly ever go that low… I usually get sharper photos if I only go down to 2.0. But there are definitely times when this low aperture is helpful!

3. Great for low light situations.

Because it can get down to a 1.8 aperture, this lens is great for low light situations. You can easily manually manipulate the settings to allow for very little light without resorting to the flash!

4. Great for indoors.

Because it can reach that open aperture, making it perfect for low light situations, it also is awesome for indoors! After all, indoors is usually darker than when we are shooting outside.

5. Can get great bokeh!

Again, because it has that low aperture of 1.8, that creates a great bokeh! And in case you didn’t know, bokeh refers to the blurry background or foreground of your photos.

6. Great for portraits.

Because of the bokeh capabilities, this lens is great for portraits! Focus on your subjects eyes and capture a beautiful blurred background!

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