How to protect your camera on the beach

How to protect your camera on the beach from the sand

It’s easy to think maybe I should leave my camera behind when we go to the beach and just stick with my phone. But then I remind myself that I have a camera to capture quality photographs of my favorite moments. If I’m not taking it to the beach, then what do I have it for?

The beach can be tricky though, because I’m obviously trying to enjoy the sand, sun and saltwater as well. So I’ve developed a little personal system that I use to protect my camera when we head to the sand.

How to protect your camera on the beach:

1. Use a camera insert.

This makes it super easy to bring your camera with you anywhere. I typically have a larger purse so that I can squeeze my camera in there and I don’t have to carry a separate camera bag.

Also, when we are at the beach, I don’t want to make a huge spectacle of my camera telling everyone, “Hey! I have a nice camera I’m leaving here!” So again I don’t want a large camera bag. Instead I stick the insert in our beach bag and can hide my camera under a t shirt or towel.

2. Use a plastic bag.

Last trip to the beach I would stick my camera in a plastic grocery sack in my beach bag. I loved this because I finally figured out how to minimize the amount of sand on the camera. Super simple way to protect your camera on the beach. It was easy to take out, and easy to put back.

3. Use a filter.

This protects your lens from scratching and worth it when exposed to so much sand. Plus it helps with sun flares, which is super helpful on the beach.

4. Clean up with a q-tip.

No matter what, sand still finds it’s way onto the camera. The best way to get every spec out of the nooks and crannies that I’ve found is to use a q-tip. Rough it up with your fingertips if needed.

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