Our Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas in Mason

In our little home!


We had a lovely perfect Christmas here in the midwest! And it was so fun to celebrate for the first time with a little girl! She’s not at the age yet when she can quite open her first gifts, or get excited for Santa Claus to come Christmas Eve, but she was able to tear a piece of wrapping paper here and there. Mostly though, she visited with lots of family, laughed, smiled, talked, practically almost* pulled up on her knees for the first time and played with lots of new toys! And Mommy and Daddy are quite ridiculously happy to have a plethora of books to chose from now! We were getting quite tired of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Hungry Little Caterpillar…. We’ve only read them each about 15 times… Alternating them each night.

I’ve decided to recap all our Christmas celebrations in one massive post. So this will be a bit picture heavy… I hope you enjoy!




Kevin was so fun to shop for this year, and I was able to completely surprise him!!! You see, I told him that he tends to want everything, but he doesn’t buy anything… And with buying a new house this year, this tendency of his has gotten out of control! So he completely forgot that he told me he wanted a UE Boom. And he was even more surprised that I knew who to talk to and where to go to get one! I thought for sure he’d figure it out, so it was like a present to me that it was a surprise! Way more fun than the coat I bought him last year and had him try on before wrapping it…



If you couldn’t tell yet from all the pictures……. We bought baby girl the absolutely perfect wooden rocking horse! She it a bit too little for it right now, but I really hope that one day she will treasure it! If not, at least it is the perfect decoration for mommy in her nursery! Or maybe even the living room 😉 Yeah, I’ll admit. I was way more excited for this than Anabelle was, but I had to get her some sort of “toy”… And when I spotted this little rocking horse on Hayneedle, it was love at first sight! Kevin agreed, and next thing you knew, we were ordering it just days before Christmas! Curtains for her nursery just aren’t an exciting enough gift for her very first Christmas. Both of us agreed on that…


I think she enjoyed it too though 🙂 I mean how could you not?!


At my parents’ house



Before we left for Christmas, we had a little celebration with my family! And we started out by baking some delicious cookies! My mom even came out of her 15-ish year baking retirement to show us daughters how to properly bake her delicious chocolate chip cookies. I knew the recipe, but she recently realized how her OCD affected how she used to beat her butter, and how you beat the butter can change baking recipe! So she taught us her OCD ways 🙂 And Mmm Mmm were they good!




Kevin’s been talking about a dart board for about a month now (Mom didn’t even know this when she bought him one) So he was super duper pumped, and surprised yet again when he opened it!


By the way… he is just loving all the faces I captured of his surprised face…. 😉

Christmas in Evansville

Christmas Eve


For Christmas, we headed to Evansville to see Kevin’s family! We went to a beautiful Mass Christmas Eve, complete with a Children’s play of the Nativity. And then we headed back to his parents’ house for some delicious dinner and some gifts with some of Anabelle’s great Aunts and Uncles and her great Grandmother.


Christmas Day


And finally! Christmas Day! It was wonderful! We woke up in the morning to Kevin’s Mom’s delicious homemade cinnamon rolls! I made her recipe last year when we spent Christmas in Mason and they are a piece of work. But oh my lord! They are just divine! Afterward we really just hung around for a while. Since Anabelle was too little to be overly excited to open presents, and we were all too old, we decided to wait for the nephews to arrive and bring that overly-excited, Christmas, gift-opening excitement with them! And it was fun! And then later, Anabelle’s other Great Grandmother came over with her infamous ginger snaps and cheesecake!



Anabelle really came out on top this year! Lots of fun gifts! Lots of toys! She’s reached a new stage where she likes to scoot around and basically spin in circles grabbing any toys she can reach and pulling them toward her. It’s funny. And now she has lots of interactive toys to do it with!




We stayed in Evansville for the week visiting, relaxing, and playing. We just got home the other day. Kevin and I are going to escape this perfect baby girl for a little while tonight for one last Christmas party, and then I think that wraps up our celebrations. We’re not into New Year’s Eve this year… Who wants to go out and be tired and hung over all New Year’s day with a baby?! Eww….

But anyways, hope you had a Merry Christmas! And have a happy New Year!!!



Luvv, Leigh B

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