10 lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture each month

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

Now that I have kids, time seems to fly 10x faster than when it was just me and my hubby. I always have something I’m trying to document, like a favorite toy, a new expression, or a seasonal activity. This year, I broke it down into 10 lifestyle photos of your toddler to take every month!

Why 10?

This is not a new year to overwhelm yourself with unrealistic, hard-to-meet goals. They are just 10 simple, lifestyle photos of your toddler. That comes down to 1 photo every 3 days. Enough to document a few memories, but not so much as to become just another difficult goal to let go of late when you miss a few. And the best part, you can start any month, anytime!

To me, each photo is a memory, a moment in time that I froze and capture in a single little snapshot. When that memory is yesterday, I feel like I could never forget those details. But fast forward just 3 years (Anabelle’s age) the memories start to fade. But by looking at a snapshot, I find that I bring that memory back to life as if it were just yesterday. (I still get teary eyed when I look back at the first picture of Kevin with Anabelle in the hospital.)

10 lifestyle photos of your toddler to take every month:

(With my favorites from 2016!)

1. Smiling at the camera

This is that photo that all your relatives want to see, and for good reason. You want to document that pretty smile and those beautiful eyes!

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(This is soooo Anabelle! Last Halloween, she had a blast in her Tinkerbell costume! Her smile and eyes just tell me how much fun she was having!)

2. Family outing

This is probably the hardest photo for me to remember to take because Kevin and I often just hand the camera back and forth… But hand the camera to someone else and get frequent photos together as a family. Every once in a while, a stranger can surprise you with a frame-able keeper!

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(I handed my camera off to a friend who snapped this when we were vacationing in Florida. It’s probably my favorite family photos from the year because it’s sooo us! Down to the last expression!)

3. With Daddy

If Daddy doesn’t like photos, sometimes he gets left out, but make sure you don’t totally forget to document him with the kiddos!

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(I’m always asking Kevin to take artistic shots of me with the girls. My goal this year is to take more of him with them too! He always loves photos with his girls now that we have childhoods to document!)

4. With Mommy

I’m usually the one taking the photos, but I’ve gotten really good and handing off the camera and jumping in the frame. Don’t forget yourself just because you are the one trying to document your month.

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(From Valentine’s Day last year!)

5. Their latest phase

I find that they change phases so fast! Whether it a favorite toy, an expression, a new activity, capture it while it lasts.

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(She actually wasn’t picking her nose. We were playing “where is Betty’s nose?” And she always sticks her finger up it! She already stopped doing this, so I’m glad I caught it while it lasts!)

6. From a distance

To me, this is one of the ultimate lifestyle photos of your toddler. This is one of my current favorites to capture. I’m often observing them from another room, and I love it when they start playing peacefully together (#girlmomhere). I snag my camera and capture them from my view, either across the room or through the door frame!

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(I love her round belly and how she keeps everyone company as they go potty… I was sitting at my desk when I spotted her like this!)

7. Bath time

Everyone loves bath time! Well I don’t love bath time, but I always love flipping back through the photos of the girls playing together in the tub together, or their chubby bellies in suds. It’s a fun photo I like to capture often.

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(This photo happens to be one of my favorite photos of Anabelle’s face ever! I just love her expression here!)

8. Outside

Some of my best photos are taken outside! Whether it’s a monthly activity or a changing season, this is one to capture!

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(From last Fall.)

9. A self portrait

I started taking these last year. I pull out my tripod and a remote control and we turn it into a game. We always bring a couple things to the photo and they are never the same. By the end of the year, they’ve turned into some of my favorite photos with the girls!

10 monthly lifestyle photos of your toddler to capture!

(My favorite self portrait with the girls and I was in pjs, no make up and messy hair!) 

10. A detail

Anything! Painted nails, a favorite pair of shoes, blue eyes, baby wrinkles… Get low, get close and document something you normally wouldn’t photograph!

10 monthly lifestyle photos to capture of your toddler

(Baby wrinkles are the best!)

Bonus: Monthly holiday

After coming out of the holiday season, I feel like there is literally a holiday every month. Not really the case, but document them when they apply!

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  • Monica Copelin

    I love this list you’ve made. I just purchased my first DSLR with the intent to capture candid moments of my little girl, I’ll definitely be using your list as I take photos throughout the month.