Mom’s birthday weekend!


Mom’s birthday was last week, and since we all have the busiest schedules during the week, we waited till Saturday to celebrate. We threw a party at our place! Weeeeell… Correction: Mom and Dad bought the all organic, fresh food, brought everything over, and then Kevin pulled out his new grill and we hosted the party  at our place 😀

I LOVE Spring!!! I love gathering outside in perfect weather with family and friends! The party was just too perfect!


Daddy never got her dressed, and then she took a loooong nap after Mommy came home from work, so she started the party in her pj’s.



I think these were the best burgers ever! Since half of us are avoiding gluten (allergy season, etc.) we were the queens of condiments! Cheese, tomato, avocado, onion, cucumber, jalepeno, pickles, salsa! Did we miss anything? I swear I think these were the best burgers I ever had!




And then Bernadette topped it off made the most delicious raw cake (recipe here)! Completely phenomenal! Delicious, healthy, raw, and beautiful!



By the way, whenever Anabelle wears these sunglasses, she doesn’t smile. She’s so smug. She smirked at one point and then quickly hid the smile behind that snarky face! She did the same exact thing in Florida.

Happy birthday, Mom! We had a blast celebrating with you!

Luvv, Leigh B

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  • Are you kidding me with that cake?? Seriously, it looks like the most delicious cake ever. If it were sitting in a cake store (aka a bakery) I would definitely pick this one out. Thanks for sharing the recipe..I’ve GOT to make this! -Misty