4 ways to edit blurry and grainy phone photos

How to edit blurry and grainy phone photos

The phone is an easy, quick and handy way to capture every moment. However, my phone’s photo quality is actually quite horrible. I know they keep improving quality, and yes my phone is currently 2 years old, but even with a new phone, I’m sure I will end up at times with the same problem! Blurry, dark, and grainy photos! Here’s how I edit blurry and grainy phone photos from my phone!

How to edit blurry and grainy phone photos

How to edit blurry and grainy phone photos:

1. Black and white.

Embrace the grain and switch the photo to a format that actually looks good in black and white! Some photographers actually like to add grain to their black and white images.

The photo of baby Rosemary was actually just a blurry photo that I took on my camera and transferred to my phone. My sister added the black and white filter using Afterlight, which made the blur much less harsh and perfect for Instagram.

2. Smooth.

I use facetune to edit my photos on my phone. It the best $4 I’ve ever spent on an app! If I ever have grain on one of my girls’ faces, I instantly just smooth out the skin (and also add “details” to the eyes). This usually does just enough that you don’t notice the grain in their hair!

In the photo above of the girls on the couch I also smoothed out their legs and the walls too… That photo had a lot of grain when I lightened it up, but it cleaned up nicely!

3. Enhance the shadows.

In facetune, I like to use the filter “sigma.” This is after brightening the photo of course. It darkens the shadows and brightens the highlights. It’s like an extreme version of the curves layer that I like to add in Photoshop. I find that this helps hide some of the grain.

4. Add a matte filter.

Instagram actually has some great filters that I’ve messed with layering over my photos. I keep the opacity low at about 15ish%. Two in particular, Lark and Aden, help give the photo a matte effect making the grain feel like it belongs.

How to edit blurry and grainy phone photos

For more tips and a step by step guide on how I edit my phone photos, make sure to sign up to gain access to my FREE resource library!


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