DIY Instagram Gallery Wall

DIY Instagram Gallery Wall

I’m usually fairly quick to make a decision about decor, but it took me close to three years to actually decide what I should hang above my piano! It was a large empty space, so originally I was planning on printing a family photo on a large canvas, but I couldn’t figure out if the canvas would be a forever thing, or if I’d want to change it out often when I got new family photos… Then I got pregnant with Betty… I realized I probably would want to swap it out too often.

Every once in a while I share a photo on my Instagram and tell myself, “I should really print and frame that one!” But I have no where to put them. That is until now! I decided to buy some simple square frames so that I could not only print out my current favorites, but I could also swap out photos as I please without guilt. I’m printing my photos out now and displaying them, even if it is temporary!

DIY Instagram gallery wall

This project was actually super easy! I tackled it during nap time!

How to make your own DIY Instagram Gallery Wall:

1. Buy frames and print pictures.

I started out buying 12×12 frames, with an 8×8 opening. I used these perfect and affordable white matted frames! The frame size allowed me to print my photos as squares (be sure to print with a border) on 8×10 photo paper using my photo printer! I’m obsessed with my Canon PIXMA photo printer! It’s fast, easy, wireless and great quality! Having it around definitely makes me more likely to actually PRINT photos around here!

DIY Instagram gallery wall

2. Figure out where you want the top, center picture to hang.

I’ve actually had one nail in the wall centered over the piano ever since I moved in, and it was the perfect height, allowing the center of the collage to be eye level.

3. Determine the spacing you want between each frame.

I spaced them out on top of the piano, so that I could visualize them on the wall. Then I measured in between each frame to make sure they were even. Usually I eyeball it, but since this was going to be so symmetrical, I figured I should probably be exact.

4. Line up painters tape as spacers.

I started out framing the top center photo. I made sure it was level. And then I worked out from the center. I had to overlap two pieces of painters tape to get the width that I needed. I just went with trial and error, and measuring the width till I got it right. It actually didn’t take that many tries…

5. Hang the pictures!

These frames actually came with the handiest piece of paper! I’d never seen one of these before… The paper was the size of the frame and showed exactly where the nail should be. It was the easiest time I’d ever had marking where to put the nails!

DIY Instagram Gallery wall

And that’s it!!! It was just that easy! And now I have a little space to rotate out my favorite, but random instagram photos of my family! I hung a few abstract photo (taffy and coffee) just to give it a more creative feel and to keep it from turning into another family gallery wall.

DIY Instagram Gallery wall

DIY Instagram Gallery wall

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  • Olivia C

    This is such a great idea, I have a long hallway in my house and I have been wanting to do something like this on that wall. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Morgan Leigh

      Yes do it! I have another gallery wall going up my stairs full of different sized frames and family photos! I love the all white frame look, so I went with all white there as well!