How to connect with your kids when you’re too busy

How to connect with your kids when you're too busy

Ever since I woke up two Saturdays ago and decided I felt like painting the kitchen, which then snowballed into bigger projects, our home life has kind of been a wreck. We tore out the upper cabinets in the kitchen and our counters are full of stuff we don’t usually have out. Our basement has turned into a lumber yard and we are constantly locking ourselves down there with the fumes of our wood staining station. We’ve been having lots of fun with it and it gives Kevin and I lots of time to chit chat and dream about the things we can do together (even talking about taking a wood shop class for date night!), but our time with the girls has been distracted and minimal. We have been having my sisters babysit a lot so that we can make use of every spare moment and get our wood shelves finished ASAP. A few nights passed, when my sisters even got the girls ready for bed for us and read them their nightly books. We tucked them in and gave them a kiss, but then went right back down to sanding, staining or sealing the shelves. Despite our routine being rocked and changed, and really no time for the obvious family dates, we still manage to stay connected. Here are small ways, that even in the midst of crazy busy days, you can connect with your kids!

How to connect with your kids when you are too busy:

How to connect with your kids when you're too busy

1. Family dinner.

It was a crazy night. Our dining room was a pit. The contents from our upper cabinets were covering over half our kitchen table. I usually love to cook but haven’t wanted to in my messy kitchen. So we got Chipotle to-go with the intention of Kevin and I scarfing ours down and leaving Anabelle and Betty with one of my sisters for dinner. Instead, we ended up sitting at our half-covered, dining room table and having a casual family dinner. This is our favorite time to reconnect as a family. And no matter how busy we feel like we are, we can’t skip dinner, so why not enjoy it together?!

How to connect with your kids when you're too busy

2. Stop and smell the roses.

… Or look at the fishies. Basically enjoy the moment. Don’t rush through your day. After over a week of craziness, I spent an afternoon running errands. It could have been dreadful and just a formality, but instead we enjoyed each task. When we went to buy my bird some seed, we walked around the fish department. Anabelle loved it! When she was super good for several errands, we decided to extend the afternoon into a lunch date instead of rushing back for her 2pm nap, which usually is my treasured quiet time to write this post. She still got her nap time… it was just a little later after a fun afternoon.

How to connect with your kids when you're too busy

3. Morning cuddles.

Anabelle still wakes up in the morning and likes to come join us in bed for some cuddles or snuggles. Lately, we’ve been so motivated that we are already up by the time she comes downstairs, but when she asks for cuddles, one of us drops what we are doing, take our coffee to the couch, she grabs a blanket and we cuddle for about 5 minutes. Anything else can wait!

How to connect with your kids when you're too busy

How do you make sure to check in and connect with your kids when your schedule gets too busy?

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