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    How to achieve the perfect white balance on your phone!

    I’m so excited to have Libby here today to talk about how to achieve the perfect white balance on your phone! I knew you would want to hear more than I could fit in my newsletter, (you can sign up here if you want in on the weekly, newsletter-exclusive tips!) so here you go! This tip is gold!

    How to achieve the perfect white balance from your phone

    Hi! Libby here, from Libby Jones Photography. I’m so excited to be partnering with Morgan to bring you a little photo tip! Asking me to talk about photography is like asking Elsa to talk about ice (forgive the princess references–I have a two year old whose identity changes based on the princess she feels embodies her inner most desires at the moment). I could get reeeeallll boring, reeeeaaaaallll quick. But, I chose an easy to understand, easy to implement tip today; How to achieve the perfect white balance on your phone! That’s right, it can all be done on your phone! Even better, right?!

    My love of my big girl cameras knows no bounds, but with three kids and a busy schedule, my DSLR + film cameras can’t make the trip everywhere I go. So, when I’m on the go, my “professional” camera, is whatever I have on me – usually my iPhone. I’m always on the hunt for the best platform for taking and editing those spur of the moment shots. To be fair, the native camera on iPhone is actually pretty decent. But, I’d never want anything less than the best for you, my photo loving friend, so read on! Continue reading

    4 ways to edit blurry and grainy phone photos

    How to edit blurry and grainy phone photos

    The phone is an easy, quick and handy way to capture every moment. However, my phone’s photo quality is actually quite horrible. I know they keep improving quality, and yes my phone is currently 2 years old, but even with a new phone, I’m sure I will end up at times with the same problem! Blurry, dark, and grainy photos! Here’s how I edit blurry and grainy phone photos from my phone! Continue reading

    Fall photo ideas for your kids this season!

    Fall photo ideas! 25 must-capture photo ideas for this Fall!

    I am a summer girl, but I’m just about ready for that first frost to get rid of the hayfever allergies and the mosquitoes… And now, after putting together this list of Fall photo ideas, I’m chomping at the bit for this next season!

    Fall is great for photography, because it adds such a warm collection of colors into your photos. Plus, a whole bunch of Holidays line up (Halloween, Thanksgiving…) leading to a bunch of excuses for adorable crafts and reasons to dress your kiddos up. I mean seriously, every time I turn around we are planning something new leading to more perfect fall photo ideas! Continue reading