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    A crop sensor vs. a full frame camera

    What is a crop sensor vs. a full frame camera?

    I recently upgraded from a crop sensor to a full frame camera! I went from using my Canon Rebel T3i, my starter camera that I loved and used for nearly 6 years, to a Canon 6D! Even though I probably could and should have upgraded a while back, I made sure I knew exactly what I was investing in. Spending that much money on a camera is, after all, an investment. And still, I didn’t fully understand what a full frame camera was until I held it in my own two hands! So I thought I’d do my best to explain to you exactly why upgrading your camera is a worthwhile investment! Continue reading

    How to use catchlights

    How to find and use catchlights! The #1 trick to make eyes sparkle!

    We all want to capture that twinkle in the eye. And while many eyes are enhanced through editing (I’ll give you my trick for that in a bit), the best tip of all is actually a technique to use while capturing the photo! And you don’t need a fancy camera to do it! That’s right, it works for your phone too! This technique is using the catchlights. Continue reading

    How to find the best backdrops in your home!

    How to make use of indoor lighting, and to find backgrounds and backdrops in your home

    If you were to flip through my instagram, you might think that my house is perfectly clean. Or maybe that I have spacious rooms and big, organized closets. Or maybe you just think I have access to lots of natural light. But the truth is, I don’t have any of that. I may capture real life in my photos, but I definitely pick and choose what part of real life makes it into my photographs. (i.e. not the clutter!) Instead, I pick and choose backdrops in my home!

    Come wintertime, I take tons of photos indoors. The problem is, my large room is dark. My bright rooms are small. Some of my indoor photography involves the tips from this post, but really, a lot of it is picking and choosing the right backdrops in your home, hiding the clutter, and making the best of your light! Continue reading