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    Photoshop Curves Layer: Brighten and sharpen your image!

    How to brighten images and sharpen details using the curves layer in Photoshop!

    Today I want to talk about my favorite photoshop layer. It’s a layer that I use on every single photo! A simple layer that can make a drastic difference! It’s the curves layer!

    I want to start diving more into the editing process of photos. It’s really where you can turn a mediocre photo into a spectacular photo! A place where you can turn it into something you need to hang on the wall! While the shooting process is super important (after all you need to have the right bones to work with) the editing process is where you can really bring it to life! Continue reading

    How to edit beach sunsets

    How to edit beach sunsets in photoshop

    The editing process is where my beach sunset portraits become my art canvas, and the pictures become my masterpiece. Ok, maybe that was a little cheesy, but you get the point…

    Once you get to the editing stage, it’s all about the interpretation. There is no right or wrong way to edit, just like there is no right or wrong way to paint a picture. But when I edit sunsets specifically, I try to brighten up the subject, darken the background, and enhance the color. In this post, I’m sharing exactly how I do that!

    I’m pretty quick at my usual process, but sunset photos definitely take me a while to edit. It’s something I enjoy, so I really never mind it.

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    For editing, I use photoshop. I used to use photoshop elements and I had similar steps within that program, so this process can definitely be adjusted and I will note what I can remember. However, this post will be very specific toward Photoshop.

    Continue reading