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Editing Tips

    How to fix white balance in Photoshop

    How to fix white balance in photoshop and ACR (video tutorials)

    Have you ever taken a picture and had it come out too blue or too yellow? I mean I think we’ve all done it. And while we do our best to set the white balance, sometimes that’s the last setting I get to in the pressure of the moment. Or sometimes it’s just a tiny bit off when I load my photos in Photoshop. Whatever the reason, there are two ways to quickly and easily fix the issue in post processing! Continue reading

    How to organize your photos in Adobe Bridge

    How to organize your photos in Adobe Bridge totally free. A simple system to keep your photos organized!

    When I started shooting in RAW, I had to completely revamp how I was loading, storing, and organizing my pictures. I needed a system that recognized my photo format. I downloaded Adobe Bridge and I have been more organized than ever since!

    Note: This is also great is your images are saved as JPGs! I just simply didn’t discover this till I made the switch to RAW. You do NOT have to shoot RAW to use Adobe Bridge! Continue reading

    How to reduce noise in Adobe Camera RAW

    How to reduce noise in Adobe Camera RAW and eliminate grain in RAW images

    Now that I shoot in RAW, my photos have gotten so much cleaner because of this handy little step I can take! I reduce noise in Adobe Camera RAW (i.e. eliminate the grain).

    I always wondered how photographers pulled off such clear, crisp images without a spec of grain, ever! Well, there is a reason they like to shoot in RAW. And that reason is what finally swayed me making it worth the memory space it consumes!

    Since RAW images preserve every detail of the image, you can fix exposure issues and reduce the noise! Continue reading