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    How to capture Christmas light bokeh

    How to capture the Christmas light bokeh (i.e. blurry Christmas light background)

    When it comes to Christmas tree photos, capturing blurred Christmas tree lights in the background is probably the prettiest background you can achieve. The blurred background in a photo is called Bokeh. In this post I am sharing how to capture the best Christmas light Bokeh (i.e. blurred Christmas lights) in your photos. Continue reading

    The Ultimate List of Christmas Photo Ideas!

    The Ultimate list of Christmas photo ideas to take with your kids this December!

    December is such a fun season! It loses a little bit of magic when you stop believing in Santa, but it totally comes back when you get to see the magic again through your kids eyes! And that magic makes it even more fun to document! The days may be getting darker, but Christmas lights are lighting up the streets and our living room which adds a fun twist to my photos! This December, be sure to snag a few of these Christmas Photo Ideas! Continue reading

    How to photograph Christmas trees at night

    How to photograph Christmas trees at night in the dark!

    When I take photos of my kids in front of the Christmas tree, it really doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I pretty much use the same steps. And this is because I’m always trying to capture that glow of the tree. However, when I take pictures of Christmas tress at night, I ONLY have the glow to work with. So somehow I need to use that glow for ALL the lighting. This is how I utilize that glow specifically for darker pictures and how to photograph Christmas trees at night.

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    It smells like Christmas!

    The smell of tradition with very colorful Christmas decorations!

    The smell of tradition with very colorful Christmas decorations!

    We pulled out our colorful Christmas decorations last weekend! I love decorating in general, but there’s something even more special about decorating for Christmas! I’m a very visual person, as you can tell from my desire to photograph everything. But when it comes to Christmas, I like to please all my senses!

    Visually, I have colorful Christmas decorations everywhere! (But mostly they are in my great room! So this time of year, that’s my favorite room to hang out in!) The sound of Christmas music playing pretty much all day everyday! Christmas candies, eggnog and freshly baked goods! And lastly, the smell of Christmas! Continue reading