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    Beanie Baby Costume (free printable Beanie Baby tag!)

    Beanie baby costume with a printable beanie baby tag for a family Halloween costume idea!

    Where were these Animal onsies last year?! They would have been perfect to dress up as zoo animals with Anabelle and Betty! So, when I spotted them in adult sizes this year, I wanted to take last year’s animals to a whole new level! And what better than to use my favorite 90’s toy, to create a beanie baby costume! It’s the perfect, easy, family Halloween costume with almost no preparation! Continue reading

    DIY Pumpkin Garland Halloween Decor

    DIY pumpkin garland makes a cheery Halloween decoration

    I’ve never been into the creepy side of Halloween. I prefer the colorful, fun, childish side. So when it comes to Halloween decor around the house, it’s less about the spiderwebs and skeletons, and more about pumpkins and anything fun and colorful I can use to decorate, like this Halloween pumpkin garland!

    I wanted to come up with a little pumpkin garland. (I mean I’d do a fairy or princess garland, but I’m pretty sure only my daughter would get it…) So I wanted something colorful and fun to contribute to my pumpkin decor. These mini pumpkins were super easy to make, and when strung together made exactly the pumpkin garland I was looking for. It doesn’t scream pumpkin, it’s just pumpkin inspired! Continue reading

    Tips for Better Pumpkin Patch Photography!

    Tips for better Pumpkin Patch Photography with kids!

    Oh the pumpkin patch! It’s that once a year activity (or maybe you visit several times in the month of October) that you want a perfect Fall photo in the pumpkins patch with your kids! But pumpkin patch photography is no joke. The kids are too wild and pumped up and excited in the beginning to get any decent photos, and then at the end they are wiped out! (Or at least I’m assuming this is the case for everyone, because this is definitely the way for me…)

    Slow activities are ideal for the best child photography, but these fun Fall activities are anything but slow! These are my 6 tips for better pumpkin patch photography! Continue reading

    No mess Jack O’lantern Balloons (free template)

    No mess jack o'lantern balloons! A fun craft with your kid this Halloween!

    If we had zero toys, I would save every box or balloon I came across. Not even kidding, these are my girls’ favorite toys! I have a huge Target box in my living room that they use as their newest fort! And then I have these giant balloons that they cannot get enough of! So we got festive and turned them into no-mess jack o’lanterns!

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