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    Pom-pom party hat tutorial

    Pom pom Party Hat tutorial! Perfect for a birthday party!

    When it came time to plan Anabelle and Betty’s birthday party, I decided that instead of having a fancy theme of my choosing (I was thinking tea party almost the entire year leading up to this party!), I wanted to go a more traditional route. I wanted to fill the party with things that I thought Anabelle would love, like pom-poms, party hats, sprinkles, balloons, and lots of colors! It was going to be a child’s dream come true! Continue reading

    Birthday Party Photography Tips

    Birthday Party photography tips: 6 tips to capture every detail of your kid's birthday party and still enjoy the party yourself!

    Photographing your kid’s birthday party can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to forget to document the important moments. However, you also don’t want to document every single detail only to be behind the camera the whole time, and miss out on actually enjoying the party yourself.

    These 6 birthday party photography tips allow you to fully prepare for the party so that you can have it well documented and still enjoy every moment! Continue reading