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    DIY Spool Table


    When we moved into our home, we could barely fill half of it. Moving out of an apartment into a real, large house was just quite the transition! We had lots of pieces that we didn’t really like anymore but that had specific purposes in our apartments, and we had lots of pieces that were just plain missing. We’ve been slowly filling in the gaps and getting creative when it comes to re-juvinating pieces we already own! This spool we found in our back yard! How it got there…. I have no idea… But it couldn’t have been more perfect as one of our missing end tables! Continue reading

    DIY Painted Antique High Chair


    We don’t have a kitchen table yet, nor any dining room chairs…. But I was thrilled to begin furnishing our dining room starting with baby girl’s high chair! We have a rough concept of our dining room planned, with a table picked out and everything, I just can’t make a decision on the colors. I know I want lots of mismatched chairs and I’m going to paint them all the same color, which means I could either use this to add an awesome color statement to the room, or keep a neutral canvas for any holiday dining room decorating. I just can’t make a decision! Part of the problem is that I have some temporary furniture that would currently clash with the real color that I want to use, so I’m thinking I’ll just stick with white for now and just watch the room develop. It’s always different in the end than what I first pictured anyways.. And I can always repaint the chairs… Continue reading