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    DIY Pumpkin Garland Halloween Decor

    DIY pumpkin garland makes a cheery Halloween decoration

    I’ve never been into the creepy side of Halloween. I prefer the colorful, fun, childish side. So when it comes to Halloween decor around the house, it’s less about the spiderwebs and skeletons, and more about pumpkins and anything fun and colorful I can use to decorate, like this Halloween pumpkin garland!

    I wanted to come up with a little pumpkin garland. (I mean I’d do a fairy or princess garland, but I’m pretty sure only my daughter would get it…) So I wanted something colorful and fun to contribute to my pumpkin decor. These mini pumpkins were super easy to make, and when strung together made exactly the pumpkin garland I was looking for. It doesn’t scream pumpkin, it’s just pumpkin inspired! Continue reading

    DIY colorful, weathered picnic table

    DIY Colorful, weathered picnic table with a dark stain

    We bought this picnic table a year ago because we needed something for the back deck and didn’t want to be limited by the number of chairs around the table. One more can always squeeze in! And we’ve loved it. But I couldn’t decide for the life of me what I wanted to do to finish it. I kept going back and forth between staining versus painting it, but I couldn’t decide what would wear best and be worth my time. So of course I decided to go with probably the most complicated route and decided to both paint AND stain it!

    Best decision ever! And it wasn’t even that hard!  Continue reading

    DIY Donut Bouquet

    DIY donut bouquet craft for national donut day

    Oh hey there! Did you know National Donut Day is next week? Yep, I’m the nerd that knows. I blame it on blogging for many years… and I usually I miss it. I’ve never been a huge donut fan, but Kevin is, and I love that he takes Anabelle on a little Daddy daughter date to go get them! We each have our specialties and mine tends to be on the crafty activity end. So I decided to come up with a craft that she’d love!  Continue reading

    DIY Instagram Gallery Wall

    DIY Instagram Gallery Wall

    I’m usually fairly quick to make a decision about decor, but it took me close to three years to actually decide what I should hang above my piano! It was a large empty space, so originally I was planning on printing a family photo on a large canvas, but I couldn’t figure out if the canvas would be a forever thing, or if I’d want to change it out often when I got new family photos… Then I got pregnant with Betty… I realized I probably would want to swap it out too often.

    Every once in a while I share a photo on my Instagram and tell myself, “I should really print and frame that one!” But I have no where to put them. That is until now! Continue reading