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    DIY Antique Nightstand Update


    It took me a while to find nightstands for our room. Ever since we’ve been married we’ve had mismatched nightstands, and I was the one who had the short or flimsy ones… But when I spotted these at my local consignment shop for about $30 a piece, I knew they perfect when met all my requirements! I needed nightstands to match our bedroom furniture’s retro style, I needed them to be skinny so that they could fit in the guest room when we eventually replace our bedroom set and transferred the furniture into an upstairs guest bedroom, and I needed multiple drawers. I kid you not, these are absolutely perfect. Well minus being pretty heavily worn and beat up… Continue reading

    Homemade Toffee


    Shopping for men is hard. Anyone agree with that? Unless you are just shopping for food. I think it’s safe to say all men love food. Not the healthy stuff per se, but anything meaty or in the food group “junk food.” Toffee fits right in! I already mentioned that I made gifts this past year for Christmas, and I shared the coconut sugar scrub and lotion bars I made. But for the men, I decided to make toffee! I know it’s almost the end of January and I’m just now sharing my other Christmas present, but I actually thought this would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man! Continue reading

    DIY Sugar Scrub and Lotion Bar


    People are getting much harder to shop for. Mainly it’s because now-a-days if people want or need something, they buy it. But also, I don’t want to buy everyone junk they don’t want or need. Plus, for the amount of money you spend through the Christmas season, it starts to get ridiculous. I wasn’t trying to be cheap or anything this year, but I really wanted to make homemade gifts.My parents have always encouraged us to make gifts instead of buying them things. People love and appreciate the time and thought you put into making a gift. And homemade items are not things people will whip up if they want it. So it really is special. Continue reading

    3 ways to assemble the ultimate Whoville costume! (free Grinch mask)

    3 ways for DIY Who costumes from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

    Dressing up like a Who from Whoville is quite possibly the easiest DIY costume to assemble! You don’t even technically need anything officially Christmasy to succeed! Think layers, poofy skirts, chunky knits and as long as you style your Whoville hair and makeup appropriately, you are set! Today I am sharing 3 different types of DIY Whoville costumes for you to create out of your own closet!

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    Continue reading