9 months with baby Anabelle


Dear Anabelle,

It’s kind of funny writing you your little monthly note when you are being such a difficult little turd, but I guess I’m only saying this because you climbed up my leg, practically pulled down my pants, and cried at me while I was trying to brew my first cup of coffee. But the details of this morning don’t really matter, because I only like to keep track of the good here on this blog, and this month was just so GOOD! You are trying all kinds of solids like a champ! You like to taste everything I’m eating. So if I’m snacking on the couch, then you crawl away from your toys, over to me, stand up, and open your mouth (you also have this “I’m hungry” yell that you do). I have to share my fruit, my candy, and one of your favorites, my barbecue chips. I have gotten really accustomed to baby slobber on just about everything I eat, since you like to sit on the floor with me and eat my lunch. But I think I talked about that last month.

You are also so in love with Mommy and Daddy and we just eat it up! That squeal that you do when you hear either of us and then the loudest crawl across the house to find us, is just simply hilarious and adorable. We’ve started calling you our little monster because not only do you like to get into everything you can reach, but you are such a little person and yet we can hear you coming from anywhere.

You are our little monster and we love you!

Luvv,  Mommy


PS. You really want to walk!


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  • Alyssa

    She’s looking like such a little lady. When did that happen?!