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So my sister Chloe told me that her favorite posts of mine are my wedding inspiration posts! (This one is her favorite so far) Since I wasn’t the type of girl that planned her wedding from the time she was a little girl, (Ahem… Bernadette), I frequently find myself mozying around Pinterest and a lot of wedding blogs looking for and drowning myself in inspiration! I like unique ideas and there are so many more ideas out there than I could have imagined! It’s fun to see people’s personal style come out, especially when their personal style takes them into a themed, creative, unique wedding and not just the typical, standard event. You know the standard… Long wedding dress, bridesmaids in matching dresses, men in tuxes, reception in a banquet hall… That kind of wedding. Beautiful, but some can just be so different and spectacular!

Anyways, lately I’ve been looking at lots of cakes! No it’s not the next on my list to plan… I’m currently working on finalizing the guest list, save the dates, and hotels… I have a bridesmaid working on the dj (thank you for the help :)) and the groom working on calling the limo service! Cakes are just something I haven’t planned yet and have no idea what I even want! So it’s time for inspiration!

Kevin has let me get creative in every other way that I want (and yes I’m really taking advantage of that freedom ;)), but when it came to the cake, he requested a traditional wedding cake. The one thing he has requested regarding the wedding planning… I think I can grant it :)

But today, I have for you cake inspiration!


Source: via Leigh on Pinterest

Source: via Leigh on Pinterest



Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Mario Bros. theme Via (The whole wedding especially the bouquets are completely impressive! Of all the links, this is the one I highly recommend!)


Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

I seriously think the inspiration part is the most fun part of wedding planning! It’s no wonder girls have their wedding planned out years before the groom actually popped the question!

Were you the type that planned out your wedding as a little girl? Did you have as much fun with random ideas as I am?!

Luvv, Leigh B

  • Jeanne

    I used to hang out with my friend Debbie and plan my wedding. Mostly the dresses. We would cut pictures out of magazines. The childhood me was SO different that the adult me. The things we really put effort into — designing the dress, choosing the readings. . .those things were the best of all. LOVE the cakes!


    Wonderful cakes, I like them, especially the Tiffany one!!! This is such a nice post!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  • ashley

    I definitely had mine planned out! I wish I could plan a wedding every year. I love the Harry Potter cake!!~

  • Sarah

    I love all of these inspirations. I’ve never been one to dream about mine either, and even now that I’m ACTUALLY planning it, I’m still not completely into it. I’m so excited to just be his wife that everything else seems a bit inconsequential. that being said, those “Tiffany” boxes are adorable.

  • Court

    Love it all, but especially the donuts and popscicles and champagne!

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