11 Months with Little Anabelle


Oh, Anabelle! My goodness are you our precious little monster! And you know exactly what you want. I sat you down for this photo opp and you immediately crawled toward me, looked over the edge of the bed, turned around and pushed yourself feet first to the floor. You like to estimate the drop before you go, but you know exactly where you are going! If I wasn’t trying to get a decent picture and failing, I would have laughed a lot harder!

I can’t believe we only have one more month till your birthday! I just sent out invitations last week! Where has the time gone?! You are practically walking (as soon as you realize you don’t have to hold onto things…), you have five teeth, and you still love to play hid and seek. You will eat everything, but ice cream is definitely your favorite. Just like your Mommy! You even recognize the container! And if we have it in front of you, then you insist on every other bite… And even that took some work! The first time your aunt shared hers, you made her feed only you!

I love you, Anabelle! Thank you for making every day better!

Luvv, Mommy



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